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Justice served, tasted and returned in volley!

NOW: He has been found! All has been forgiven. It's time...

Get: Get a forehead on your site!!!

In: The Captain needs a supporter!
Old: Yes, old, but still our favorite fan mail.

Possible Pics

    The beginning:

"If I talk to myself, people think I'm crazy, but keep a journal and you're an intellectual." - Captain Forehead


A crackhead ransacked a car, and traded in some strange stuff to his dealer. The dealer had no use for some of the junk, so threw it in the trash. The cops raided the dealer's house and took the trash as evidence. After the trash was evidenced, the trash was discarded again, but not before one of our inside informants let us know there were some of Captain Forehead's Warning stickers for those who can't park! (Remember the log entry?) The dumpster diving paid off with a bunch Warning labels. Want one? Give me your name and address if you want one.

Thanks to Joe, who will remain anonymous. (Hope you kick the crack, dude.)

Remember, if anyone asks where your sticker came from, you know nothing!


Fundraiser! Let's get him a new something. Let's get him back to the compound! Let's have a fundraiser for the Captain, and raise like $10 bucks or something. - Justicular

Captain Forehead's Private Journal
The Old Log
That's right, the Captain Forehead!

Some of you fellow stalkers are slower than the Captain on a cold day chasing the syrup dripping from a maple tree, so you may have missed the beginning. The site has been stripped of the full story: The Beginning

Read the captain's current currency as journal: Journal

If you want to start from the 1st entry: Captain Forehead: Random Events Noted During Descent into Nothingness

Check back often, as who knows what the Captain has conjured?

Captain Forehead Vital's (What we think we know.)

Old enough to have wisdom, yet young enough to not always use it and just simply kick the crust out of evil.
Renaissance man.
(Anything for a buck. Send him a buck - he needs cash.)
Watch your back, he's everywhere.
Favorite Color:
Deep, dark red. No. Green, yeah, deep dark green. No, wait, Uh, I'm not really sure...
Details (Quirks):
Unconfirmed sources state that he does not own a phone, and is not reachable by such.
Marital Status:
Unknown. (He appears to adopt abscond with families to travel inconspicuously.)
Little is known about his personal life, or his true identity, even by him.
We don't think so, but there have been so few sightings, and they are not consistent. There's that picture, but were hoping it's not him. (In an entry long and not so ago, he makes reference to a cape, but it appears it might be allegorical.)
Unknown. Numerous.
There are rumors about a guy named Izzy, but unconfirmed. Also Twitch. There seem to be quiet a few who have been unwittingly used as sidekicks. (You may have been used as a sidekick, unknowingly, unofficially. Think about it...)
Photos: None! Please submit any photos you think may be Captain Forehead to: archivist
Muscle Relaxant: For those of you who know him, what's he mean when he says he's smoking?

Captain's Log
Old Log

Acquire CF1

CF1 Info +
Possible Pics


Need to e-mail the captain with top secret information and tips? Do you know where evil hangs its crusty cape? He can be reached at: justicular [AT] captainforehead [DOT] com (Please, don't tell him you've been reading his journal, he'll just get PO'ed.)

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