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Mouth breathing.

Yes, we who is I and you do it at times. So?

Exhausted, traipsing through a dilapidated asphalt, concrete and steel jungle made by man in his quest to please woman. I had to – preferred to – remain unseen, which is never easy. I had succeeded, until the fly…

Like I said, he who is me is no greater than he in thee: the naturally mortal in the unaltered being. Breathing hard, deeply, I drew a deep breath and swallowed a fly. I don’t know why I swallowed a fly, but it caused me to jolt, then lose my balance, then stumble, then tumble. I was out, but then I saw vividly…

The world was gone. Your world. My world. It came before me: the answer to life. I knew! I knew what the wishing to be wise had sought; what the philandering philosophers pursued; what theologians had thought. I knew the meaning of life.

I know, right?

But is it the meaning?

Is it simply my meaning?

Even if it is simply my meaning, it is the only meaning that is truth, so that makes it your meaning as well, if you are to play the part in the life I know.

So I must share it with you.

Not right now.

Right now, I am really, really hungry and have a splitting headache. But rest assured, I have the answer, that is probably ‘a’ answer, most probably wrong… Still, I have the answer! My answer. Your answer.

First, I have to get something in this soft stomach before it steals any more attention...
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You are here and find me. I am there and find you. Where are we? Where we have always been, whispering tiny words into each other's mind.
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They may hold your body hostage, but it is your mind they are after...
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I find myself behind enemy lines. Speech muffled. I write on the bark of trees. I will get it out. Unfortunately, it appears I am the enemy...
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I'm still alive...I think.
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